RC Groups

At REAL, our desire is to be a resource for you and your family as you walk the path to lasting life change in Christ. RC Groups are your opportunity to connect and build relationships in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. We, as people, were built by God to have relationships with others. We need more than casual relationships like you find with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We need genuine and authentic relationships – relationships where we can know others and be known by them. These relationships can protect us from isolation and help us draw closer to God.

RC Life Groups

We offer three semester based Life Group seasons each year (Fall, Winter and Spring).  Life groups are usually made up of 10-12 people who meet in homes to study biblical principles. Each semester will last between 8 and 10 weeks, depending on the topic of study. At REAL, our desire is to be a resource for you and your family as you walk the path to last life change in Christ. Life groups are your opportunity to connect and build relationships in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. With a simple commitment of one night a week, for 8 to 10 weeks, you can build relationships that will help you draw closer to God and others here at REAL.

RC Connect Groups

Connect Groups are based around common interests. Once you have been introduced to who we are here at REAL (through a weekend service, life group, or connection event), you may want to spend more time with your new friends doing activities that you all enjoy. For example, a Connect Group may be based around a physical activity like running or biking, or a hobby like painting or photography.  Connect Groups are designed to fit the lifestyles and interests of the members, so the groups may not meet as regularly as our Life Groups. The leader of each connect group will establish the meeting time, location, regularity and duration of the group.


RC Life Groups

RC Groups are coming to a neighborhood near you the week of September 10th.




RC Connect Groups

Real Women Connect Groups

Be{YOU}tiful Mornings meet the last Saturday of every month @ 10am.  Beautiful Mornings is an opportunity to spend time with women, eat good food, and hear a short study on various topics relating to women’s lives today. For more information, email Tiffany @ TiffanyD@myrealchurch.tv


Real Men Connect Groups

Dudes and Donuts meet the first Saturday of each month @ 10am.  Come eat donuts, make friends, and hear a quick study on how to become the best REAL man you can be.  For more information, email Pastor James @ JamesD@myrealchurch.tv


Co-Ed Connect Groups

RC Cycling Group shares in the activity of cycling for sport, fun, community, and health.  They strive to encourage, challenge, and support each other to be better, body, soul, and spirit – bringing glory to God in all they do by doing it the best they can.  For more information, email Ron Wolfinger @ ronwolfinger@gmail.com




Interested in hosting or leading an RC Group?

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